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Jesuit institutions around the world are sharing their content on the Digital Network. Resources are tagged by subject matter, topics and material type. Making it easy to find content you need from Institutions you trust.

Contribute to the Digital Network

Use ISKME’s Open Author tool to create and collaborate on new resources. Combine text, images, sounds, videos, or supplemental materials into resources you can share and remix with your colleagues and educations around the world. This robust tool will let you export your resources in multiple formats including ePub and Scorm, and to integrate resources directly into your LMS.
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1. Write

Create lesson plans, activities, and resources.

2. Describe

Add context to your resource to ensure discoverability.

3. Submit

Publish your content. Share with the community.

Find your Network

Hubs Your Custom Resource Center
Share your organization’s missions. Display your collections, resources, and goals with the larger community, and invite participants to join your working groups. See our Hubs
Groups Your Custom Resource Center
Collaborate with your peers. Share, evaluate, and create resources together in a private or open environment. See our Groups

Global community building

Jesuit Digital Network is dedicated to improving education and educational opportunities worldwide. Our many projects and are intended to connect ideas and resources to communities in need, and to help educators and learners from all cultures share knowledge.
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