Short Business Ethics Cases for Use in Class

These ten very short business ethics cases are designed to be assigned in advance, or simply to be handed out in class and discussed after giving the students 2-3 minutes to read each.  These can be used with undergraduates, MBA students, or executives.  Each addresses a common ethical dilemma faced in business.  They can be used at the beginning of class to get the students engaged, to illustrate a point raised in class, or at the end of the class period to keep the class engaged. 

The ten cases are divided into those that deal with human resource issues, accounting and record keeping, customer relations, and gifts and gratuities.  All these cases should be useful in any culture.  

Prepared by Oscar Bulaong, Jr. of Ateneo de Manila, Philippines, and Kirk O. Hanson of Santa Clara University, USA.

Download: The Supervisor's Choice_1.pdf

Download: On-time Delivery.pdf

Download: Rumors_1.pdf

Download: Mining Data docx_1.pdf

Download: Gifts from the Boss's Friend_1.pdf

Download: Gifts from the Sales Representative_1.pdf

Download: Fraudulent Books_1.pdf

Download: Falsifying Attendance_1.pdf

Download: Family Loyalty vs. Meritocracy_1.pdf
Download: Office Affair_2.pdf

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