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Ethics and Pope Francis’s Encyclical Letter Laudato Si: A Teaching Module

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This Teaching Note for the instructor provides background on the Encyclical and specific discussion questions which the instructor can use to guide discussion in class. After each discussion question, this note identifies key points students or the instructor should make during the discussion. The teaching note concludes with “A Summary the Instructor May Use to Conclude Discussion.”

Material Type: Lesson Plan, Student Guide

Author: Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

The Saint John's Bible

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In 1998, Saint John's Abbey and University commissioned renowned calligrapher Donald Jackson to produce a hand-written, hand-illuminated Bible. This website invites you to explore this work of art that unites an ancient Benedictine tradition with the technology and vision of today, illuminating the Word of God for a new millennium.

India's XLRI: Xavier School of Management

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XLRI was founded in 1949 by Fr. Quinn Enright, S.J. in the Steel City of Jamshedpur. Fr. Enright visualized XLRI to be a partner in the liberation and development journey of the independent India with a vision of "renewing the face of the earth". Fr. Bill Tome joined hands with him to bring that vision to fruition. Both, together with the other Jesuit companions, worked tirelessly towards translating the Vision "Renewing the face of the earth" into action.

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Presentation on the merits of a master’s program on Jesuit/Ignatian Education and Pedagogy for educators, especially but not exclusively, of the Jesuit secondary/pre-secondary schools in the world. This is a program to introduce participants, systematically, to the topic and prepare them to work meaningfully on the identity and mission of our Jesuit schools worldwide.

Material Type: Lecture Notes

Author: Damian Saccocio

Journal of management for global sustainability

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The Journal of Management for Global Sustainability is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted exclusively to the publication of original research in the field of management and global sustainability. Global sustainability is the broad set of interconnected issues that encompass, but are not limited to, achieving environmental preservation, social entrepreneurship, poverty eradication, social justice, desirable production and consumption patterns, species preservation, and spiritually rich lives at this time in our species’ history on this planet. The journal publishes articles on how productive enterprises contribute to realizing and achieving global sustainability to create socially just and spiritually-whole ways for all species to thrive forever. The journal welcomes submissions from all disciplines for manuscripts that contribute to our academic understanding of the role of management in achieving global sustainability. These articles shall be subject to a double-blind review process overseen by an international editorial board. Submissions of theoretical work, empirical studies, book reviews, pedagogical tools and practitioner manuscripts are all encouraged.

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