What is the Jesuit Digital Network?

A global network connecting high quality academic content in the Jesuit tradition with educators and learners across institutions and regions.
Shortly after the founding of the Society of Jesus in 1540, Jesuits were traveling the globe to preach the Gospel, begin schools, and, led by their magnanimous founder, St. Ignatius “help souls,” wherever and however they needed help. The Jesuit Digital Network is an attempt to keep alive that 16th century global vision in the 21st century.
Today, Jesuits and their partners offer education, health care, and social services to millions of persons in over 130 countries, in an extraordinary network of hundreds of institutions and initiatives, and millions of beneficiaries. A globalizing world makes us all more aware of opportunities to share resources and to address gaps between rich and poor. At the same time, remarkable advances in digital technology have been changing the landscape of education globally and dramatically enlarging the opportunities for networking, collaboration and sharing resources.

Sharing Across Communities

Jesuit Digital Network is developing a new-generation online platform for sharing digital educational resources and hosting multiple global and local learning communities.

The Network will draw on the worldwide resources of Jesuit institutions to create, deliver, and continuously improve digital educational material including digital learning objects, learning communities, and new generation online courses.

As a shared digital platform, Jesuit Digital Network will enhance existing collaborative efforts, realize much more of the potential and goals of the worldwide network of Jesuit institutions.